5 Activities to keep Your Dog In Shape

5 Activities to keep Your Dog In Shape

 We love our dogs, they add so much joy to our lives and give us so much unconditional love. As we sometimes worry about keeping healthy and in 5 Activities to keep Your Dog In Shapeshape, that goes for our pets as as.   With the New Year approaching, it may be a good time to think about how to keep your dog is shape.  Below are 5 activities to keep your dog in shape. If you would like to add some of your thoughts, please post them below.


Your dog’s exercise regime should include lots of activities along with you. Some of the things you do, your pet can enjoy as well.  These activities will keep your dog in shape over time. Exercise will keep your dog full of energy avoiding some diseases, exercise will also keep his immune system strong.  Dogs really enjoy a walk.  Go grab his leash and get out for walk around your neighborhood.  Walk in a beautiful park with him.  All dogs love to smell things and it stimulates them so go grab that leash and get outdoors. 

Trip to the Vet 

If you want to keep your dog healthy in shape, regular tips to the veterinary are a must.  Arranging an appointment with your vet is always a good idea. You should do it upon having a new puppy in your hands for the very first time. Your vet can tell you lots of things about the breed of dog and what to expect.

Dental Care

Keeping your dog in shape also means healthy teeth. So you should keep a brushing routine for your dog. Your dog’s teeth shouldn’t show any Dogs teethexcessive tartar, and they should look white at all times. Your dog’s gums shouldn’t be swollen or red but pink in color.

The Diet

To keep your dog in shape, your dog’s diet should be low in calories and high in fiber. Remember that this diet must be used only if the regular diet of your dog isn’t working or if your dog needs to lose weight quickly. You should also measure out your dog’s food at each feeding. 

Rest and Sleep

All dogs do needs rest throughout the day and also night. Most dogs, when home alone will sleep the whole time.  So don’t be surprised if you come home tired and want to rest yourself, your dog will want to run and play.   Don’t keep your dog inside a crate all day long without lots of let out time, as this isn’t healthy for your doggy. Think of hiring a professional pet sitter to come and take your dog for a walk if you are going to be working long hours.  It will help tremendously for your pet to get a midday potty break and a nice long walk.   Let your dog roam your home and play in the backyard when you are home to supervise. 

5 Activities to keep Your Dog In ShapeAs you can see, keeping your dog in shape isn’t rocket science. Make sure your dog has the proper diet and exercise and be sure to give him lots of Love and Kisses as well.  He will be your friend for rest of his life.  He will give you unconditional love at all time.  He will be be there for you when nobody else will.  So make sure you take good care of him.

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