6 Ways you Can Help Support “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month”

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6 Ways you Can Help Support “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month”
The best and most obvious way to help celebrate “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month” is, you guessed it, adopt a shelter cat.   Each spring hundreds of new kittens looking for a safe home make their way to animal shelters so June is a great month for this event to take place. Indian Trial residents, as well as other Union County residents, should stop off at our local Humane Society Of Union County if you’re looking to do your party by adding a new feline member to your family.  However there are other ways you can help support shelter cats this month.  Read on to learn 5 more ways you can help make a difference.
  • ·         Use social media to help spread the word about “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month”.  Many people don’t even know this event exists and by simply posting about it via social media can help get the word out and raise awareness.  Encourage your friends to do the same.
  • ·         Call your local shelters and rescues to see what supplies they need.  They’re always short on food and blankets but they can tell you specifically what they short on.  Then post fliers at the place of business of your favorite pet care professionals to help encourage support.
  • ·         Kids Love animals so this is a great time to get them involved.  Talk to them about different ways they can participate and participate in this event.  Kids have unique ideas of their own and love to give back to the community.  If they’re still in school, this would be a great grade level service project.
  • ·         In addition to encouraging others to donate, you can donate too.  You can donate spare change, food, towels, and blankets.   Again get your family and friends involved.  Collaborate and collect!
  • ·         Volunteer your time at the shelter.  Shelters are always short-staffed and appreciate extra hands on deck.  When shelters are short-staffed, the love and attention to the animals is the first thing to go by the way side.  Go cuddle those kittens and other cats for an hour a week or a couple hours a month.  Your time is the best gift of all.
You can always get in touch with me at Love and Kisses Pet Sitting 704-763-9857 and donate food as I have been delivering dog and cat food to the Monroe Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic in Monroe for a few months now.  Let me know you want to help and I can put you in touch with the right people
How will you be celebrating “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month”?  Comment below and let us know!  We’d love to hear your ideas!



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