6 Simple Tips To Help You Introduce Two Dogs To Each Other

Introducing 2 dogs to each other can be tricky business. How the dogs react depends on myriad factors such as training, previous history, mood, etc. If you are not careful enough, then things can get out of hand quickly. Here is a leash that is great for waling two dog

Here are 6 tricks to make introducing 2 dogs to each other a piece of cake:

1.   Go Slow – Ensure Both Dogs Are On A Leash.

It can be tempting to let both dogs run toward each other and sniff each other out or have them meet each other by themselves in the backyard but resist this temptation at all costs. It is fraught with risk and could result in the dogs attacking each other. Having them both on a leash gives you the power to act if things go awry. Don’t have a leash yet? Great leashes to purchase click here   

2.   Have Them Meet In A Neutral Territory.

When 2 dogs are meeting each other for the first time, it is best that it happens on neutral grounds. Say, you are bringing a second dog home. Obviously, the first dog would instinctively feel that the second dog is encroaching upon his territory and show belligerence. Having the meeting in a neutral place solves this problem.

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3.   Do Not Berate Your Dog; Praise Him And Be Supportive.

Your dog may start barking incessantly at the sight of the other dog. Do not use this to berate him. It is just normal dog behavior to blow off steam and pent up energy/nervousness. You can only help the situation by making your pet relax and you will not do that by berating him. In fact, it will only make things worse. Instead, praise your pet and be supportive.

4.   Keep Moving, Don’t Stop.

When 2 dogs meet each other, there is a lot of emotional intensity. If you stop then you will shift the entire focus of both dogs on each other and this may cause the emotional intensity to take over and attack each other. If you keep moving, you can control the emotional intensity and make it less intense for both dogs.


5.   Massage The Dogs Every Few Minutes.

Calming down a dog is a little challenging, especially a hyperactive breed like the Golden Retriever Husky crossbreed. But overall, just give the dogs slow and long massaging strokes across the length of their body every now and then. Remember, the goal is to get them to relax as much as possible physically. Physically relaxed dogs are much more social and are far less likely to exhibit unpleasant behavior.


6.   If One Dog Poops Or Pees, Let The Other Sniff It.

Okay, this may sound awkward to us, but it is a sort of nonverbal communication between dogs. If a dog does this, then it is a sign that he is starting to become more comfortable with the other dog. The only caveat here is that you should ensure that the other dog is done pooping or peeing when this happens.

Incorporating these 6 tricks will make introducing dogs to each other much easier. As long as you use prudence and are patient, chances are that the dogs will take a liking to each other.


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