5 Ways to Walking your Dog Safer at Night

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5 Ways to Walking your Dog Safer at Night

Apparently, the most comfortable time to walk your dog is at night. It can be fun but it can also be dangerous. Since its nighttime, you will have little chances to see the obstacles on the way that may include rocks, glass and other sharp objects. There may be bicyclists and joggers who may not see you coming and eventually caused accident to either you or your pet.
Learn these 5 helpful ways to have a safe walk with your dog at night.
1.     Enhance your visibility
When walking with your dog at night, makes sure that you make yourself visible enough for others to see you. Wear clothing that are light-colored such as jacket or reflective sneakers that will help other notice you even from a distance.
2.     Attach light to your dog’s body
You should as well make your dog visible by putting reflective strips, collar or leash on the dogs that makes it noticeable to people in the place. You can buy colorful leg bands and collars for the dog if you want to. There are lightweight visible belts or harness in the market which ensure extra safety.
3.     Never tie the leash to your wrist
If you do the contrary, it could lead to injury to you and your dog. To have a productive walk with your pet, your personal safety should be your main priority. Choose a hand-free leash for a long-distance walk for convenience. This will give way to safe holding of other important things such as your phone, keys and many more.
4.     Make sure to know the route
It will be safe to walk on the roadside while strolling with your dog. However, it is not enough to conclude that you and your pet are safe throughout the whole time of walking. For added security, make sure to learn the route particularly unsafe corners and areas like driveways and other complex crossing sections. You must also get yourself familiar with blind corners or crosswalks that other drivers are not aware of. If you are acquainted of the path you’re taking even in dangerous spots, you will never get wrong and will be much careful and safer with your dog.
5.     Teach your pet some basic safety signs
It is for the best if your dog knows some basic sues whenever you two go out together for a walk. With that, you can ask your pet to stop or wait from behind or a busy area then it will automatically do as you say. Simple cues like “sit”, “wait”, “stop” will greatly help in reassuring both of your safety. Say for instance you’re crossing the street and you didn’t notice a car approaching that nearly caught your dog; you can make a quick signal and save him from getting hit. The cues will keep your eyes on your dog at all times as you will instruct him to do an appropriate action for a certain situation.
Going for a nighttime walk with your dog will be a greater pleasure if you know you both are safe.
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