5 Ways to Make Your Cat More Social

5 ways to make your cat more social

Cats are known as cute, happy, cuddly pets. While most of them fit this description, there are some cats that seem to dislike the presence of their owner and his desperate attempts to cuddle them. The main cause for reclusive behavior at cats is the fact that they didn’t have proper human contact on their first 7 weeks of life as kittens. Other causes might be sever emotional and physical traumas, or just their personality, for some cats are simply independent, No matter the cause this cats are not a lost cause. With lots of patience, perseverance and affection, this cats social behavior can be in some measure improved. Next we will point 5 ways to make your cat more social.

Gradually make her approach you

You can transform your cat feeding into therapy sessions. Sit still on your chair or couch and throw treats at your cat at regular intervals. Try to approach your cat to you by throwing treats closer to you with each time. Finally arrange for your cat to take the food from your hand, but position 5 Ways to Make Your Cat More Socialyour hand around your lap. Don’t release treat until the cat puts her paws up on your lap. This way the cat will associate pleasing experience with lap cuddle. Also, each time you share affectionate moment with your cat, reward her with a treat. This will teach it the advantages of social behavior.

Spread your smell

Cats have very sensitive smell sense. They often associate a certain smell to a certain state or feeling. Rub her bedding to yourself to spread your smell. This way your cat will associate your smell with peaceful and relaxing state. Hopefully, it will begin to trust you and choose you as her bed from time to time.

Slow blink trick

Getting to know how to communicate with your cat can be very helpful. Cats use the slow blink to communicate affection. You can use the slow blink to communicate affection to your cat as well. Don’t just stare at her, slow blink several times. This will convince your cat that you are not a threat and it will be more confident to approach you.

Don’t let your cat hide

5 Ways to Make Your Cat More SocialAnti-social cats tend to hide a lot in small, dark places in the room, under the bed or under the closet. Gradually block out hiding places, so the cat is pushed to rest or play in plain view. Do not feed your cat under the bed, for you don’t want to encourage isolating behavior. Make her play all over the house, this way she will start to mark her territory and spend more time outside her usual hiding places.

Give your cat affection, but don’t push the limit

Shy cats, like humans, need affection. Talk often and friendly to your cat, but don’t ever yell or punish her. Don’t force a hug, try to play a little first. Don’t run and try to catch her, because you will only scare her away. Even if you catch her, she will associate a disturbing experience with you, and it will push her away.

Keep in mind that every cat is different. While some will respond quick at these methods, others will need some more time to develop a social behavior. Understanding a cat needs, personality, and communication will make easier for every shy cat owner to train his cat into a more social behavior.

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