5 Ways to Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety

Just like humans, dogs also have days they can experience stress and anxiety. It is a widespread occurrence among dogs only that it can be a bit difficult to notice if you are not keen enough. It has been noted that fears and phobias are some of the most common causes of anxiety among dogs.

On the other hand, constant barking, destruction of items, excessive grooming or excessive aggressiveness are some of the common indicators of anxiety among dogs. Other visible signs include panting, cowering, yawning, tucking the tail and trembling. They all seem like natural characteristics of dogs, but sometimes they exceed a certain limit which makes them be rather symptoms.

There are a variety of ways to help your dog relax and overcome anxiety. But as much as variation gives you options, you should also consider the reaction of the dog to whichever method you choose. When going about it, it important to know that dogs are different and they respond differently to the different methods available. Therefore, you should Endeavour to know the cause of anxiety for your dog first and let them inform the remedy or the treatment method to be employed. Identifying the cause of Tension in your dog as the first step will prevent you from applying a method that may not work or be rendered effective. This article highlights five ways you can help your dog combat anxiety.

  1. Exercise

One of the most effective ways people who suffer from anxiety disorders help combat their situation is by doing exercises. The same case scenario applies to dogs. While this is not the cure, getting your dog to do exercises is a great way to help boost the mood of your dog. Exercises increase the flow of blood in the body and the brain.

When your dog engages in exercises, the production of serotonin is stimulated. Serotonin is a chemical that causes the dog to feel good hence helping it with anxiety problems. Secondly, the extra energy and tension that can cause anxiety are eliminated through exercises. Playing games like fetch, going for a hike with the dog or just going for a walk around the neighborhood is an excellent way to utilize excess energy stored up in your dog’s body and reduce anxiety.

Endeavor to do fun exercises and play games with your dogs that elicit positive emotions. Furthermore, exercises will keep your dog healthy and in a good mood for human relations.

  1. Relaxing Massage

We will all agree that there is no better way to relaxing and calming down than having a good massage after a long tiresome day. The same applies to dogs too. An anxious dog can be calmed down by giving them a long and relaxing massage. One of the most popular dog massages is Touch. This type of massage involves one running their fingers and hands throughout the dog’s body by activating the functions of the cells. While you can offer your dog a massage yourself, an alternative is taking your dog to a certified canine massage therapist near your home to give your dog a professional massage to help them relax.

  1. Get your dog a dog bed

Another way of combating anxiety among dogs is by ensuring that they rest well and in a comfortable place. Use the best dog bed as one option because we all enjoy personalized in a well-made bed. A dog bed goes a long way ensuring that your dog gets proper rest.

There are several dog beds available. You should choose one that is comfy enough and adapted to your dog. Your dog should be able to feel relaxed and at ease when lying in the bed. The comforts and the feeling of being safe will help them relax and thus combat anxiety issues. Take into account the age and size of your dog before you choose a dog bed as this affects the amount of comfort your dog will get.

  1. Play your dog some good and calming music

Humans are not only creatures who enjoy the calmness and peace endorsed by a good piece of well-performed music. Listening to some excellent and soothing music is very therapeutic. As you would play them some smooth music to calm down. You can leave the music in the morning when going to work or when you are leaving for a trip to help your dog avoid travel or separation anxiety.

Some of the most active genres to play for your dog include reggae, soft rock and classical music such as Beethoven and Mozart. Some good instrumentals and nature sounds can also do the trick just fine.

In addition to the good soothing music, it is important you remove chains, collars, and chokers on your dog, especially if you’re leaving for a long time. These can cause discomfort that leads to stress and anxiety.

  1. Get your dog a Thunder shirt

A Thunder shirt is one of the most effective solutions for combating dog anxiety. A thunder shirt is a garment that is tight fitting and wraps around the dog’s body. The tight nature of the thunder shirt applied continuous pressure on the dog which helps it calm down. It is very useful for combating noise anxiety, travel anxiety, and other related issues.

The effectiveness of the thunder shirt is however dependent on how it is used. It is always better to accompany this method with another natural remedy. Playing soothing music can be an excellent complementary solution.

These are five practical ways to help your dog to deal with anxiety. In addition to these, it is important always to make sure you spend a right amount of time with your dog. A dog is that close to its owner and feels loved is less likely to have anxiety issues.




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