5 Ways Cats Can Improve Your Life

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5 Ways Cats Can Improve Your Life

Having a cat gives you many benefits. Apart from being your faithful companion that misses you when you are not around, they improve your health in many ways and make you feel loved in the most unexpected moments. Here are five ways cats can improve your life:

1. Enhances your mood: there are many benefits that come with having a cat that goes beyond what meets the ordinary eyes. Those who own pets such as cat are generally happier, more trusting than and not as lonely as those who do not. Pets can give their owners a sense of meaning, helping them boost their level of self-esteem, and providing them positive mental energy, by raising the dopamine and serotonin levels while at the same time, decreasing cortisol just by playing or hugging.

2. Reduce blood pressure: high blood pressure is a very common condition and many people end up taking medication to control it, but having a cat can help to reduce it, and also reduce the amount of medication you would have to take to control it. Giving your cat a gentle stroke is calming and enough to lower your blood pressure. A study done by the State University of New York, Buffalo found that those who own pets are less at risk of having high blood pressure than those who do not. Having a cat can help control your blood pressure.

3. Help in autism: autism is common especially among children, and it is a sensory issue that generally makes interaction and communication with people a challenge. Those with autism cannot easily communicate in the same way others do. Owning a cat can help in cases like this. Since animals tend to have the ability to hold the attention of children with autism, they have been instrumental in autistic therapy for children.

4. They keep your heart healthy: living with cats reduces the risk of heart attack. They keep you happy for the unconditional companionship that they have to offer. The chance of ending up with a heart attack is greatly reduced when you own a cat. Owning a cat can help you improve your entire cardiovascular system and also reduce the risk of sudden death resulting from heart attack.

5. Improve your mental health: cats can also be beneficial if you suffer from depression or anxiety. They can help overcome a difficult time when you do not want to have anyone nearby. A cat may not necessarily cure your depression, but can sure help you take your mind at times off some problems and direct your focus to something else. The companionship of a cat can be soothing to the mind, and help you overcome depression.

Cats can also help you reduce your anxiety just from a simple petting. Caring for your cat will help you take your mind of your worries. Apart from these five ways cats can improve your life, there are some other benefits you can get by having a cat. Having a pet to care for will have the same impact in your life as having someone to care. If you are often lonely, or have the need to improve your mood and health, then you should consider having a pet as a companion.

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