5 Things Your Cat Wants You to Know

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5 Things Your Cat Wants You to Know

Some people most likely tend to over-confuse how cat acts and there are instances that most people have a propensity to forget given that they have an animal living with them, it does not mean they will submit or obey. It obviously does not mean they disciplined also. However, there are stuffs that you didn’t know about it. Indian Trail Pet Sitter will challenge you to juggle around with the phrase of “the disciplined house cat”. If your graceful friend can speak to you, here are the five things she would certainly like you to know:
1.     “I have my own feelings too.”
Countless of individual quarrel that animals, most especially cats don’t acquire the same emotions as what people have. After acquiring several cats, Indian Trail Pet Sitter can guarantee you that they also have feelings. They can be hurt, feel embarrassed, be stressed, and can even encounter heart-break. When there would be an instance that you yell with it, or maybe feel bad, they can sense your anger. They recognize what your physical tones and forms mean more than we recognize theirs.
2.     “I want my sleep.”
Sleeping is one vital for a cat’s healthy emotional well-being. Indian Trail Pet Sitter investigated that a general cat can sleep for almost 18 hours every day. Some of them can sleep less. Whenever a cat gets disturbed with its sleep, it will cause them a lot of distress.
3.     “Do I look like a dog?”
The majority of dogs really enjoys rough play, belly ribs as well as taking their tails fun with. On the contrary, cats do not like most of these stuffs. Each cat is very unlike in what things they enjoy, wont, enjoy, will hate and will permit. Given that your cat didn’t try to bite you, it doesn’t mean that it enjoys what you are doing with them. Indian Trail Pet Sitter assures that when the time your cat greet you at your doorstep, it is not because they care for you but they just want you to feed them.
4.     “Yes, you are a cat also.”
It is true that cats consider humans as a clumsy, big and hairless cat. Yes, you read it right. As what John Bradshaw, a British anthrozoologist on his book “Cat Sense” stated that cat look at their master as their own mother. Given that we nurture them unlikely, they become accustomed to us.  They can play with us as if we are their own siblings. In addition, they also impersonate our traits and behavior. Cats simply attempt to get pleasure from what you are doing with you as an equal cat, even though they don’t really comprehend what you are doing.
5.     “I am not a fan of loud noises.”
It is said that there is a lengthy list of animals that has more powerful and sensitive hearing than humans do. That being stated, loud and deafening noises are not good for them. Your Indian Trail Pet Sitter (Love and Kisses Pet Sitting) researched that a cat can hear 100,000 hertz compare to us having a capacity of 20,000 hertz. Whenever there is something loud in your garage, you are giving your cat migraine!

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  1. Donna Frasca

    And they don’t like strong scents so ladies, watch the perfume. When you hug a cat, the perfume that is on your neck goes right on your cat.

    Gentlemen, wash your hands after applying your cologne because if it’s on your hands and you go to pet a cat, it gets on them too then they spend hours trying to lick it off – yuk.

    • Maureen McCarthy

      Great tips Donna!! Thank you for your input.


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