5 Reasons Your Dog May Not Like The Kennel (Crate)


5 Reasons Your Dog May Not Like The Kennel (Crate)

If for just any reason you are asked to name a free soul that let your very own soul free, you may very spontaneously name your pet dog. A free soul by every mean, this close relative to wolves is often regarded as man’s best friend. And why not, dogs really do have to offer more than just wagging their tails back and fro. With a playful soul, this sensitive gentle creature is very delicate to keep. Believe it or not, you may not want to ignore him either. People have their very own styles of keeping a dog depending on the dog type. Nevertheless, the framework of dog keeping is more or less same for all dog owners.

5 Reasons Your Dog May Not Like The Kennel (Crate)Though people love their dogs and let no chance slip by to show this love, they do some common mistakes while keeping a dog. In this article we will see  why’s it is a common mistake; keeping your dog in a kennel. It is not a bad idea in itself but the way dog owners overlook certain aspects, it becomes a torture for your pet every time they usher their dog in it. We have listed down these 5 reasons your dog does not want to be put in a kennel.

1. It’s More Like A Cage:

Dogs are very active creatures. They are attracted to anything that moves. Putting them in a kennel snatches their liberty to move freely to the object to explore it. Therefore, the dog considers it as a jail where he is put away from his owner. This is more like a confinement to your dog for apparently no reason. You may train a dog to live in the kennel, but that too won’t hold up for long, like during nights or when you are away for work or other business.

2. He Has to Bark To Be Out:

Not just for the dogs, it is very hard for you to hear your pet cry out in anxiety or for any other reason for that matter. If you are letting him out when he barks, you are actually making him believe that it is the only way out. In short you are running a habit. The dog must know that he will be out only when he stops barking. Dog owners must strive to make their pets kennel time a fun time. A little patience with some training is beneficial in the long run.

3. The Kennel Is Not Fun For Him:

A little activity and engaging material around is always helpful. The kennel for your dog may be lacking such stuff. You may want to make the kennel for your pet a little more fun. You can add another level or story in the kennel design, with enough room for the dog to jump and move about freely. Adding toys which and rather tough to wear and tear is a plus. The aim is to keep your dog engaged in his kennel. Your dog should be able to have control of his own environment, and not the vice versa.

4. Seldom Use of The Kennel:

You should bear in mind, with close relation to the wolves, dogs are basically den animals. You might be making a mistake of keeping your dog in a room with baby gates depriving it of its natural tendency to live in a kennel. The dog should be trained appropriately for this. Periodic use of kennels is the best way to train your dog for kennels even when you are at home and around.

5. Experimenting With New Location Of The Kennel:

Well, yes. Dogs have tastes too. We all know that they show signs of dislike and distrust towards few things. Moreover, they notice changes and are easily burdened by the overall environment around. You may want to consider experimenting with different locations of the kennel where your pet feels safe and secure and where he has a fun and engaging time.

Having a dog is really not a child’s play. They tend to be a family member to their owner. There are a lot of things to consider. But the most important thing is that the potential owners of the pet must be trained and ready as well, to have a dog. In-depth knowledge and a strong bond between the owner and the pet is mandatory.



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