5 Reasons You Need A Pet Sitter For Your Cat

5 Reasons You Need A Pet Sitter For Your Cats

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5 Reasons You Need A Pet Sitter For Your Cats

5 reasons you need a pet sitter for you cats here in Union County from your loving Indian Trail Pet Sitter are listed below.

1.) Your cat may need an emergency trip to the vet
What if your cat unexpectedly becomes ill while you are far away and the illness requires
immediate medical attention? Or what if your cat somehow gets injured? A pet sitter
would be there to rush your cat to the vet, possibly saving the helpless animal’s life.
2.) Your cat may get stuck
You never know how a cat’s curiosity will get it into trouble. Even your own home could be
a source of danger since it’s possible for your cat to get stuck in, behind, or under furniture
or appliances. A pet sitter will rescue your cat from these dangerous situations.
3.) Your cat requires daily care
You may assume that filling your cat’s food dish to the top will provide enough chow until
the end of your trip, but how can you be certain your cat will make it last? Pet sitters refill
your animal’s food and water bowls, ensuring that your cat is getting enough to eat and
drink. Don’t forget about the litter box, which becomes dirty after only a day or two of
neglect. When this happens, cats are likely to relieve themselves in some other area of the
house. A pet sitter’s job includes cleaning the litter box so that you do not have to discover
any unwanted surprises upon your return home.
4.) You cat thrives on routine
Just like any other type of pet, cats crave consistency. Your cat might be thrown off by your
absence, causing it to respond to the sudden stress with naughty behaviors or depression.
Regular visits from a pet sitter keep up a somewhat normal routine for your cat.
5.) Your cat will miss you!!!
Although cats are generally more aloof than dogs, your feline still appreciates your
company. A pet sitter’s interactions with your cat bring it comfort, helping it to cope
without you.

Dogs are not the only animals that need pet sitters. The next time you take a vacation hire a pet sitter
to care for your cat.  If you are in the Indian Trail NC area, feel free to contact Love and Kisses Pet Sitting 704-763-9857 





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