5 Reasons You Need a Dog Walker If You Work Long Hours

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

5 Reasons You Need a Dog Walker 

 Is there really a need to hire a dog walker? Dog owners should know that a non-exercised dog is a dog with undesired behavior, health issues, and mentally unbalanced. 

Likewise, although, it’s easy for some to attend to their pet’s needs, some are very busy that they can’t even walk their dogs for potty breaks. This is where hiring a dog walker is incredibly important. Though, aside from that, here are the 5 reasons you need a dog walker if you work all day.

1. Health Reasons
Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise in order to stay healthy and live long. To support that, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, around 54% of dogs and cats in the US are classified as obese.

Although it’s inevitable, the health problems a pet can experience can be prevented with proper exercise, and one of the best ways to keep a dog healthy is by giving him 20-minute walks every day.  Hire a dog walker if you are unable to do this. If you are in the Indian Trail area of NC you can dog Walkercall Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  They are bonded and insured and true professionals.  In business since 2006

2. Dogs Need to Relieve Themselves
Dogs need to relieve themselves throughout the day, and for owners who work more than 8 hours find it impossible to attend to their dog’s needs. This is when a dog walkers comes in handy.

The amount of exercise and potty break a dog needs usually depends on energy level, age, and specific needs. For puppies, they need a potty break as often as possible– ideally every few hours. On the other hand, adult dogs usually need a midday potty break, and a walk around the neighborhood to relax and exercise.  Hire a dog walker if you are unable to do this.

3. It’s Ideal for Those Who Don’t Want to Use a Dog Daycare Facility
There’s no need to bring a dog to a daycare facility because a dog walker comes to the home and offers one-on-one pet care instead. Aside from that, considering the fact that the dog doesn’t need to go somewhere else, he’ll be able to feel safe and at ease even when the owner is not around, because he’s still at home and someone will still take care of him.

4. More Time for Yourself
With a dog walker, there’s no need to feel anxious and obligated to rush home after a hard day’s work. With a scheduled visit of a dog walker, you can relax and feel at ease knowing someone is looking after your pup, giving him potty breaks, and the constant attention he needs.

5. Peace of Mind
Hiring a dog walker gives the peace of mind that your pet is well taken care of– even if you’re busy at work and away from home. With the help of a dog walker, there’s no need to worry as much if you have to stay late for work, or when your dog fails to completely ‘finish’ during the morning walk.

Additionally, being able to get quality time outside will also help your dog relieve stress, and it would prevent the negative feelings related to being locked up.

These are just some of the reasons why hiring a dog walker is ideal, especially for those who lead a busy life. No need to prioritize one thing over the other, because someone will be ready to help you, and that is, a reputable dog walker who can give the kind of care your dog needs.

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