5 of The Best Dog Toys on Amazon for Christmas

Dogs are very active animals. They require a lot of exercise along with proper intellectual stimulation. But it can be difficult to find the time or place to run around with your pooch. Moreover, how do you give them a proper mental workout?

Well, the solution is the same as with human babies – give them some toys! Dogs love chewing on things, and a chew toy is perfect for this matter. Also, a toy for “playing fetch” can give them the necessary exercise,
So with all this in context, let’s take a look at 5 of the Best Dogs Toys on Amazon:

Mammoth Floss Knot Rope

This is a large 25-inch long rope made from premium cotton-blend fibers. It is a combination of three differently colored ropes tied together to create an awesome toy for playing tug-of-war. Click here to purchase
You can hold on to one end of the rope and let your “buddy” pull on the other end. Or if you own more than one dog, then the two of them can play along to test their strength.
Furthermore, it is an excellent chew toy. The fibers in the ropes will help to floss the dog’s teeth and help maintain proper dental hygiene.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle with Squeaking Squirrel Toys

For some reasons, dogs really get excited at the site of a squirrel. And now, with this toy, you just made their dreams come true. You will get a plush tree trunk accompanied by three squeaky squirrels for your dogs to play with. Click here to purchase
There is a chamber or hole in the tree trunk where you can place the squirrels and let your dog hunt it down. The toy can help ignite that hunter’s instinct in your dog and provide great mental stimulation. You can also join in on the fun, and turn it into an interactive hide and seek game.
The toy comes in different sizes as well. So you can go ahead and buy the one which complements your dog’s proportions.

Nylabone Galileo Original Flavored Dog Chew Toy

Which dog doesn’t like to play around with bones? But sometimes this natural tendency of your mutt can be destructive. Luckily, this bone-shaped chew toy solves the problem perfectly.
It is made from nearly indestructible, extra-tough nylon for even the roughest of chewers. On top of that, there are some bristles on the toy which gets raised while chewing. This can help floss your dog’s teeth and keep them clean. Click here to purchase 

Kong – Flyer

Kong Flyer is one of the best frisbee disks for playing fetch with your dog. It is made from all-natural rubber and is extremely flexible as well as durable. It will not crack and form splinters which can hurt your dog’s mouth.
Furthermore, the disk is made to be highly aerodynamic. It can stay in the air for longer and go really far. This makes for an excellent workout session for your dog. Click here to purchase 

Kong – Squeaker Tennis Balls Dog Toy

And finally, we have another perfect toy for playing fetch. But this time, instead of a frisbee, we have a squeaky tennis ball. The toy comes in a pack of three balls in case you lose one or two.
Each of the balls is made from high-quality non-abrasive felt. This makes the balls extremely tough and will not easily wear away, despite repeated chewing. Click here to purchase



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