5 Great Cat Products We Love


Charles Dickens once said “What greater love than the love of a cat?” Many of us agree with this statement so it’s no wonder we’re always looking for cat products we love to bring home for our cats.  We’re certainly not opponents to this belief, so we’ve decided to compile a list of cat products we love just for you and your cats.

Cat Exercise Wheel

The Cat Exercise Wheel is great for cats of all ages and sizes.  It provides indoor cats with much-needed exercise that they may not get being cooped up inside.  This wheel can also help reduce stress, boredom and problem behaviors in cats as well.  Now that’s a product your you and your cat can get on board with.

Cat Climber

The SmartCat Cat Climber is a multi-level climber for the space-conscious family.  No more wondering, “Now where am I going to put it?” as this climber attaches right to any standard size door in your home! The spring loaded system is easy to assemble and even easier to move from door to door within your home.  The durable wood guaranteed many years of good use, too! Your cat will be able to climb, sleep, and reign over the world around him!

Cat Massage Center

The Catit Design Senses Massage Center will help you treat your cat like the royalty he is.  Come on, who doesn’t love a good massage? This massage center provides pressure point massages to your cat’s paws, face and back.  It even allows for good ole teeth and gums massage.  This easy access massage is something your cat treat himself to while you’re at home or at work.  If you’re really looking to engage your kitty’s senses, go ahead and add some catnip.  Your cat will love this and for the price tag, so will you!

Brain Game

Cats are known for being lazy, but those of us who know and love cats, know that’s not exactly true.  Cats need mental and physical stimulation just like the rest of us.  Why not invest in a brain game of puzzle made especially with your cat in mind? Try the safe and stimulation Brain Mover Interactive Pet Toy.  Not only will it entice cats of all ages, sizes and ability levels, it will entertain your cat for quite some time.  It comes with balls, compartments and little drawers that will keep your cat on his toes, literally and figuratively that is.  The instruction book is packed with tips and tricks to help keep your cat interested.  It’s even dishwasher safe for easy breezy cleanups!

Cat Water Fountain

If you find yourself constantly refilling your cat’s water dish because he only wants a fresh drink, can you really blame him? Cats are picky and rightly so.  This water fountain by Pedy not only helps keep your cat’s water supply fresh, it also comes with three water flow settings.  How neat is that?  You’ll quickly find the one that works best for your cat.  Even better it comes with a replaceable water filter that keeps odor and bad tastes at bay.  You don’t even have to worry about the sound scaring your cat off as this water fountain is quiet!  This also works great for birds and medium size dogs.

Try any or all of these products and you just might become your cat’s favorite person!  What cat products are you loving right now? We’d love to hear about new cat products that we can scout out.





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