5 Dog Toys We Love And Want To Share With You

5 Dog Toys We Love

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably always on the lookout for some new toys to reward your dog for his love an loyalty. Well, we found 5 dog toys we love and thought we’d share them with our favorite non-canine, fur-less friends.  That’s you! (wink-wink)

Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz

Does your dog have the tendency to rip the stuffing out of all of his toys?  You might want to try the Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz! These adorable, yet durable woodland creatures are hard to pass up.  Their no muss no fuss design will provide hours of safe, tear-free fun! They come in two sizes so dogs of all sizes can enjoy them! The small 11-inch Skinny Peltz has two squeakers inside for dogs that can’t resist a little “squeak” and the large 18-inch one has 3 squeakers. 

Smart Pet Love Tender – Tough Plush Bottle Toy

For dogs (and their owners) that prefer a squeak-less household, try this fun plush bottle toy! Made with Tear Blok Technology, it’s practically indestructible! It will definitely outlast many other toys! Insert an empty water bottle and your dog is bound to have a little fun! Choose between the bunny plush and the cow.  They’re both hard to resist, so why not get both?

Pacific Pups Dog Rope Toys

For aggressive chewers, this set of 11 “nearly indestructible” is a top seller!  This set of toys is free of plastic and even meets children toy safety standards.  Guaranteed for a lifetime, these ropes can withstand tugging, shaking, tossing and of course, lots of chewing.  Chewing is not only great for a dog’s teeth but also helps to relieve problem behaviors resulting from anxiety. Dogs of all sizes will love this anti-anxiety pack of toys. As a bonus, the pack of toys comes with a free giraffe dog floss toy.  Your dog can relieve his anxiety and then floss his teeth all while you are away at work!  The best part is that when you purchase these toys you take part in helping to save dogs from high kill shelters. Now, that’s called winning in my books.

OurPets IQ Treat Ball

For the dog who wants to have his treat and eat it, too, consider the OurPets IQ Treat Ball.  This interactive food dispensing toy encourages a little play time and snack time all “rolled” into one. The design is not only strong but safe, too as it’s made of durable non-toxic plastic. Choose between the three or four-inch ball for your small or medium sized dog. You can even monitor adjust the difficulty level for the smart and not so smart canine member of your family.  Whoever said that dogs can’t work for their food?

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Does your dog love fetch? Then we’ve found what you’ve been waiting for! The iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher has it all.  Your dog can initiate a game of fetch while you sit back and sip your margarita.  How does that sound? Watch your dog work his brains and his braun all at the same time.  This comes with 3 mini tennis balls that can be launched 10, 20 or even 30 feet.  The distance is adjustable with a simple touch of a button.  This is great for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. There’s also the iFetch Too that’s made especially with large dogs in mind. The main difference is that it launches at a farther distance with standard size tennis balls. Oh, and don’t let the price tag scare you away either.  This product comes with a one year warranty and guess what else? This company is still family owned and operated, which makes customer care the best around.  In fact, they specialize in “happy human and canine customers”. That’s what I’m talking about!

So, what do you think of these 5 dog toys we love? So many great toys to choose from! Maybe your dog should start a list to send to Santa, no? I think so… 






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