5 Dog Products We Couldn’t Live Without

The truth is there are hundreds―maybe thousands―of non-food dog products out there. To name just a few… there are gimmicky toys, assorted leashes, plain and fancy collars, costumes and clothes, houses and pens, training gadgets, electronic trackers, and so much more. Many products we and our faithful dogs can live very well without―thank you very much! But there are several dogs “must have” products that we just couldn’t live without.

Read on to learn more about―and where to buy―our dog parents’ five favorite choices:

1. Dog Car Safety Harness

The Pawaboo Dog Safety Harness is a highly customer rated travel aid designed to correctly safeguard your dog in the vehicle. The Pawaboo harness easily, quickly, and comfortably secures your best friend for a ride that is safe for the dog, driver, and other passengers.

Check Out the Pawaboo’s Features

  • Comes in 4 fully adjustable sizes: S, M, L, and XL
  • Stainless steel hardware for superior strength and durability
  • Made of comfortable, lightweight, and soft material
  • Quick and easy hookup to vehicle seat belt
  • Doubles as a safe and comfortable walking harness

2. Dog Crate and Accessories

For the new dog owner, the Midwest iCrate Starter Kit is the perfect dog den. This is the complete package―the Full Meal Deal! The iCrate ships in one carton with everything your new pooch must have:

  • Private quiet space to “den-up” in comfortable security
  • A fitted crate cover
  • A comfortable, washable fleece crate pad
  • 2-1 Quart dog bowls for food and water
  • 2 Doors for easy entry and exit

What’s So Special? Check It Out!

  • Affordable for new dog owners
  • Everything in the package is covered with a 1-Year Warranty
  • 3 fab colors to choose from―black, blue, or pink
  • Available in all dog sizes from tiny Chihuahuas to massive Mastiffs
  • Minimizes stress and maximizes comfort for your new pup

3. Dog Toys

What’s the most popular fetch and chew toy among owners and their dogs? Yep, you guessed it―The Kong!

Let’s face it―there’s a whole bunch of gimmicky dog toys out there, and they’re all targeting your hard-earned dollars. But, the paws-down favorite among dogs, dog owners, trainers, and vets is the classic Kong. If you haven’t already bought your pal a Kong, then order yours today!

Here’s Why:

  • Kong comes in every size for every breed
  • The crazy bouncing will puzzle and entertain every dog
  • It’s a fantastic chase and fetch training toy
  • You can load it with your dog’s favorite healthy treat
  • Longevity ―It’s an indestructible teething toy for growing pups

4. FURminator Brush

The name says it all! The veterinarian recommended FURminator gets through the surface coat down to the undercoat. We highly recommend this safe, easy-to-use brush for proper combing, de-shedding, and grooming your beautiful dog.

All dogs shed but you can give your best friend an effective de-shedding with the FURminator.

Want More Reasons?

  • Easy push-button hair release
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Minimizes the amount of natural shedding by up to 90%
  • Stainless steel brush head for deep-down de-shedding
  • Safe – won’t harm the dog’s hair or skin when used correctly
  • Recommended especially for long-haired breeds by vets and groomers

5. Dog Gate

Whether you’ve brought a new puppy or an older rescue dog home, some precautions are always necessary. Maybe you have stairs or certain places, like the baby’s room, that you want to keep your dog away from. A dog gate is really the smartest way to keep your best friend safe and out of trouble. While there are many dog gates available, we especially like and recommend the Unipaws Dog Gate.

Special Features:

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Folds and stores easily
  • Smartly designed and attractive
  • Won’t scratch expensive tile or wood flooring
  • Provides a free-standing barrier for doors, stairs, etc.
  • Let’s your dog be part of the family without danger or isolation

There are tons of goodies out there that are wonderful for dogs and dog owners. Some are essential and many are not. Certainly, some are useful even if they are not essential. While it is difficult to narrow down so many items, we truly believe that our top 5 list of “must have can’t live without” dog products will be helpful to all of our blog followers.



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