5 Cat Products We Couldn’t Live Without

As it is with dogs, so it is with cats. That is like for dogs, there are hundreds―maybe thousands―of non-food cat products out there. There are silly (but fun) toys, bejeweled collars, and leashes, kitty costumes, scratching posts, cat towers, tracking devices, self-cleaning litter boxes, and a whole lot more. The fact is, there are many products we and our precious felines can live very well without. But there are 5 “gotta have that” products for us cat lovers that we just couldn’t live without.

Read on to learn more about―and where to buy―our cat lovers’ 5 favorite products:

1 Catnip

Everyone knows that cats love catnip. But what is it really and what does it do to cats? Catnip Is simply a perennial herb in the mint family, nothing more. It is not a cat hallucinogen or an aphrodisiac. It is not harmful to cats. However, some cats do react to its active ingredient―an essential oil called nepetalactone―in sort of a whacky or amorous way. These reactions lead some folks to believe that catnip has a sort of mystical or psychedelic power over cats. The truth is that it does not. Cats just love catnip and react to it like some people love and react to chocolate.

Catnip comes in a variety of ways. It is sold as fresh-cut, live potted plants, dried, freeze-dried, powdered, or even a spray-on liquid. As with most consumables, the best choice is organically grown. If you have a green thumb and want to organically grow your own, that’s great. Go for it! If not, then the best packaged organic choice is Cat Kush Organic Catnip.

Here’s Why: 

  • It’s organic, no preservatives and no chemicals used during any stage
  • It has maximum potency for long shelf life and your cat’s pleasure
  • It is planted and harvested at peak times for highest quality
  • It’s a proprietary blend to maximize your cat’s pleasure

2 Cat Beds

A quality pet bed should be a top priority for any pet parent. While cat beds come in many shapes and sizes, many cat lovers favor the “cave” type beds. Why? Because cats of all ages and sizes just love them! Which “cave” bed brand is the most favored among cat owners? The MEOWFIA Premium Merino Wool Cat Beds have earned that distinction. MEOWFIA beds are consistently ranked 5 stars by loving cat parents.

MEOWFIA “Cave” Bed Features Cat Lovers Like:

  • Handmade comfort made with premium 100% Merino Wool
  • Cats and kitties of all sizes love hiding out in their “cave” bed
  • Safe for Cats, kids, and the planet. No chemicals or synthetics used
  • Attractive for any home decor and purr-fect for your cat’s playing or sleeping

When shopping for a cat bed you should always consider the long-lasting quality and cat comfort above all else. Don’t waste your money on cheaply made beds or knockoffs. They won’t last nor will they provide security and comfort for your kitty.

3 Litter Mats

Litter boxes are a definite “must-have” item for any home with cats. But, many people leave it at that. That is, they buy a litter box but fail to get a proper litter mat to go with it.

Newsbreak Cat Parents! ― All cats (unintentionally or not) will drag litter out of their potty boxes. It doesn’t matter whether it gets stuck in their paws or they just like digging in the stuff. The result is always the same…litter all over your clean floor! A good litter mat is a solution to this problem. We recommend the beige-colored Lesotc Upgraded Anti-urine Cat Litter Mat.



  • Beige is a neutral color. Grey, black or white mats always look dirty
  • Unlike smooth-surfaced mats, the Lesotc traps and holds spilled litter
  • It works well for all size cats and is great for multiple cat homes
  • It’s easy to clean and works well with any type of litter box

4 Cat Carriers

What would we do without our pet carriers? Seems they’re a bit like smartphones―as in, how did we ever get along without them? Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch since cat carriers are neither high-tech nor electronic. But, like smartphones, they’ve become a necessary tool. And for good reason. They allow us to safely transport our felines to the vet, the groomer, the pet store, or even on long-distance trips.

There are mainly two kinds of pet carriers―hard-shell and soft-sided. While the hard-sided crate carriers work well for dogs, the soft-sided carriers work well for our much lighter cats. One of the most preferred designs among cat and small dog parents is the PetLuv Carrier.

Great Features of the PetLuv Include:

  • Car safe seat belt loops
  • Well ventilated and cat comfy
  • Zippered panels for easy access
  • Lightweight and easy to carry or store away
  • Reinforced seams and locking zippers for safety and durability

5 Cat Slicker Brush

When you have a house cat, grooming becomes a way of life. It is a very necessary job that is beloved by the people who love their cats. Cats hate being dirty and having a bad hair day is just not acceptable―it’s not, after all, the feline way.

Like most things in the world of pets, there are many kinds of grooming brushes. Some good and some not so much. Here’s one we like and a few of the reasons why:

Safari Cat Slicker Brush

  • It’s highly rated by hundreds of cat lovers
  • Retracting stainless steel pins for easy cleaning
  • Minimizes shedding by all cat breeds regardless of hair length
  • Removes dirt and debris, prevents matting with regular brushing

There really are a whole lot of things that we and our feline friends can live just fine without. But we believe the items discussed here really are “gotta have” products. For us cat lovers, these are cat products we just couldn’t live without.



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