5 Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

Grooming Dog

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5 Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

We know how important it is to wash, brush our teeth and comb our hair. These things aren’t a luxury – they’re a necessity because they help prevent disease. The same goes for your canine! Your dog is an important member of your family, and regular grooming is a vital part of keeping him happy and healthy.

Below are five key benefits of grooming your dog:

It helps you monitor his health.
A thorough grooming will help you closely monitor indicators of your dog’s overall health – the condition of his skin, coat, teeth, etc. Cleaning, brushing and inspecting your dog’s body for any abnormalities or vermin should be a part of every grooming regimen. When infections, inflammations, fleas, etc. are caught early, it’s more likely they can be treated quickly and easily, preventing worsening illness and serious vet bills.

Brushing helps with matting.
Long-haired and “double-coated” dogs (dogs with a velvety undercoat) require regular brushing to keep mats in check. We all know how irritating it is to have tangles that tear and tug at your scalp, and it’s no different for your pup! Not only are mats painful, they can also become so severe that they restrict movement. The more often you brush the easier it will be to prevent severe matting.

Grooming keeps him safe.
It may sound dramatic, but excess hair can be dangerous for your dog. Trimming away hair that hangs over his eyes prevents injuries that may result from him running into or tripping over things. And some dogs may become aggressive or anxious because they cannot see what’s happening around them.

It is also hazardous for dogs with thick hair or dogs with an undercoat to miss regular brushings – especially during the biggest shedding seasons of spring and fall. Removing dead undercoat helps your dog regulate his body temperature so he stays cool in the summer. It also makes room for new growth that keeps him warm in the winter.

Your dog will look and smell great.
Regular brushing is helpful for all breeds – long-hair and short-hair – because it maintains a healthy coat and skin. It removes dead hair, dandruff and debris; and it stimulates and distributes the natural oils in the fur. Brushing also conditions the coat to give it a healthy sheen. (And it’s an added bonus that shiny, healthy coats shed less!)

It will make your dog happy!
Have you ever seen a dog run around like a maniac after a bath? Many dogs do not like the process, but they certainly like the results! Your doggie loves to be clean just like we do. It’s so comfortable for him to have clean ears and teeth, and a coat that’s free of debris and tangles.

Grooming is right up there with quality food when it comes to factors that impact your dog’s happiness and health. Home-grooming may not be practical for those living in apartments, or for those with large or difficult dogs, but those in the Indian Trail area have many trusted local groomers from which they can choose:



Mobile Groomers Servicing Indian Trail

  • Nicole’s Bark N’ Bubbles(704) 698-6680
  • Soft Tails Grooming(803)289-1233





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