5 Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Pets

Just because your pets seem perpetually happy and don’t mind whether a cardboard box doubles up as their bed or whether a couple of towels do the job does mean that they wouldn’t appreciate being treated once in a while. Your pet will appreciate you getting them a gift – whether it be a luxurious bed or some cushions, or whether it be a small toy for them to play with. Pets contribute so much to our lives and we should too shower them with all the love and care they deserve. If you are feeling a little festive or simply want to make your pet feel pampered, compiled below is a list of five amazing gift ideas for your pet having drawn some inspiration from AnimalGiftIdeas:

1.     Cotton Pajamas

Your pet is a member of your family and on festive occasions, they shouldn’t feel or look any different. Get your hands on some cute cotton pajamas for them as available very conveniently from different pet clothing and accessories stores throughout the country. However, if you don’t want to spend that much, you can always opt for baby or toddler clothing in your pet’s size and do a little DIY magic to fit through their tail.

2.     A heated pet bed

Especially if you live in a cooler region or have harsh winters, a heated pet bed is absolutely essential to keep your pet warm and comfortable during the night. When you cozy up yourself with multiple snuggly blankets and enjoy a warm night’s sleep, your pet deserves no less and should be given the care and love they deserve. If you cannot afford a specialized heated pet bed, you should consider making one yourself by purchasing two heating pads and stuffing them in a large cushion filled with cotton or feathers. By experimenting, you are sure to come up with something reliable for your pet and since you made it yourself, your pet may love it even more.

3.     Bowties and collars

Pets could always use some accessorizing and bow ties and collars for your furry or feline friends could never go wrong. You could either purchase regular bow ties and collars or customize them with your pet’s name. The best part about getting your pet a collar or a bowtie is that they are available in multiple colors, textures, and varieties.

4.     A bathing tool

A bathing tool is more a gift for you and less for your pet (especially if they hate bath time!) and is especially useful. They usually come in the form of a silicone glove with a scrubbing texture attached to it. By slipping on the silicone glove on one hand and using your other hand to hold your pup, you can clean and scrub them very conveniently.

5.     A slow treater

A slow treater is essentially a treat dispenser that you can stick to wall-like surfaces. These essentially dispense treats slowly and are great if you want to keep your pet busy during a certain activity. Slow treaters are especially useful when you are bathing your pet and if they can be fussy during bath time. You can customize what you put into the slow treater and fill it with peanut butter, bananas, or wet pet food depending upon what your pet likes the most.



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