4th Of July Fireworks and Your Pets


4th Of July Fireworks and Your Pets

To virtually everybody who thinks of 4th of July, they think of fireworks. But what most of them do not really think too much about, are their pets. For some pets, fireworks can be so frightening. This is because they don’t understand what they are or why we are shooting them off. They only understand that there is a loud and unpredictable loud noise going on around them. Some dogs may get very scared or stressed by the excitement of the fireworks and run away. It is very important to take precautions and ensure that your dog stays safe during the 4th of July festivities that comes with so many fireworks.

Keeping your pets safe and comfortable during your 4th of July can be as simple as not bringing them along. There are some pets that just prefer to be in the secure setting of their own home, and that is enough to offset any trauma caused by loud fireworks. There are other pets that the location doesn’t really matter to, but only the sound can fill them with so much anxiety that they may start trembling and become nervously aggressive. Pets like these should be contained in a safe place that is very quiet. A worst case scenario may require putting your dog on medication to alleviate the stress caused by the noise from the fireworks.

Not all pets feel disturbed by the noise of the 4th of July fireworks. Even the ones that are not disturbed by the noise should however, require you to keep an eye on them. Since the Independence Day is a remarkable date, and large numbers of people will tend to gather for the celebration, there is a greater chance of your pet getting loose among the crowd and running off running away in confusion. This is why it is important to secure your dog, and if possible alert your guests that you have pet you wouldn’t want to run off. If there are small firecrackers available, take proper precaution to ensure that your pet does not have a close contact with them and get singed or ingest any of the explosives.

The 4th of July is a great day of celebration and fireworks are always a part of it. Taking some simple steps and looking after your pet can be a great way to ensuring that nothing ruins the festivity mood for you. Knowing your pet is important, the response to loud noises, sudden movements and gathering of a large number of people can mean a big difference between terrified and relaxed pet. If your pet is the type that doesn’t react well under these situations, make sure you provide the most comfortable environment or possibly a secure setting, and if it becomes very necessary, you can request medicine from your veterinarian to help control their reaction. With all the fun that will be going on the 4th of July, just remember that our pets do not enjoy the fireworks as much as we do, so plan for their safety and comfort even as you enjoy July 4th holiday.

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