Tips to Keeping Your Dog Calm on the 4th on July (With All the Fireworks) in Indian Trail, Union County

4th of July

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Tips to Keeping Your Dog Calm on the 4th of July (With All the Fireworks)

The 4th of July is a fun day of celebration for most humans, but what about our dogs? Heat can be traumatic to them on one hand, and loud noises and booms of fireworks can be terrifying. Imagine a hundred pounds German Shepherd, normally full of confidence, trying to hide in the bathtub/shower or crawl under the bed because it is terrified by sounds. Your dog may react differently. Here are some signs to tell you that your pet is afraid: if you see them engaging in destructive habits, hiding, fleeing, urinating in the house, ripping up carpet or acting aggressively.
In order to make the evening an enjoyable one for all, here are some tips to help make the day one of the nicest independence.
Go easy on the heat
Remember that your dog can easily overheat. Too much sun or heat can be harmful to your dog. Never leave a dog in a hot car or at home, and if your puppy exercises in the heat, make it easy for your dog so that they do not suffer from heatstroke. In addition, dogs can also sunburn, so make sure that your puppy has a bit of shade to enjoy.
Enjoy water
It seems like common knowledge, but it can be easy to forget to leave enough water for your dog to drink when you are enjoying holidays. Be sure to take this into account –get a second bowl if necessary. Constantly keep your dog hydrated as this can also help them stay calm.
Let your dog enjoy tranquility
With all the hustle and bustle of fireworks, swimming parties and barbecues, dogs can become frightened. Make sure your dog gets plenty of rest and quiet time. This is especially important when it comes to fireworks. Keep them indoors, in a safe and peaceful place. It helps fight the fearful noise of explosions, close windows and doors, or leave the TV or radio on to reduce noise.
Make sure your dog has a name tag
Make sure your dog is wearing its name tag. In case your dog is released, there will be a high chance that it will be returned to you if he has a name tag on.
Dog reactions are pretty unpredictable when it comes to firework. Yes, some dogs may be able to react well, but others may have a flight response when they hear loud noises. If your dog is frightened, it could flee. Having a tag on your dog may help you find your dog if it goes missing.
Other helpful tips include not leaving your pets alone outdoor, even if in a fenced yard. Keep small pets indoors, preferably in a room without windows. Avoid taking your pets to firework displays and never leave them alone if you know your pet is afraid of the fireworks. However, if you need to get them out, keep them on a leash.
You may need to sedate your dog to help it stay even calmer, so make sure you talk to your veterinarian ahead of time.
Follow these tips to have a smoother and more enjoyable holiday celebrations with your pet. Have a happy and safe 4thJuly.








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