4 Ways To Stop A Dog From Barking

4 Ways To Stop A Dog From Barking 


Among the main reasons that people bring their dog to a trainer is for housebreaking and another that is high on this list is the need for training on how to stop a dog from barking. Once you get the main ideas and what to do training will be easy.

The first thing you have to realize is that barking is natural for a dog to do.

It is part of their instinct to do so. So do not expect to stop your dog from barking completely. Some dog has more to say than others. With the proper training, you can have your dog bark on your command. By using certain keywords that will allow your dog to bark. Surprisingly, this will reduce the random barking your dog does now. The Words you should use are simple. Use ones that your dog will understand. These Words should be one-syllable like “speak” or whatever you will use to make your dog bark.

The second thing you should try to do is to figure out the reason

Try to find out what are the causes are. Is he trying to get your attention or is there danger or something that is exciting to him. As you may know, the dog barks for a reason, even if that reason is not that apparent to you. For example, is he barks at the mailman then ask the mailman to give the dog a treat. If your dog realizes that the mailman is a friend and not a stranger, then he might stop this behavior. By understanding the reason your dog barks, you avoid taking up the wrong measures for stopping the dog from barking. Not always is the dog barking undesirable, it may be essential.

BarkingThe third training tip is exercise.

If you get him outside and run and play catch or go for a good long walk. This might get him tired enough so that he will stop barking so much but would rather want to sleep.

The fourth thing is a distraction.

Take an empty can and fill it with stones or pennies and seal shut. When your dog starts to bark then shake it. This is noise that is created from shaking it is like taking your fingernail and dragging it across the blackboard. Your dog hates that noise and therefore will stop barking.

Like it was stated before that your dog’s bark is natural and you need to find out what is making him bark, try to remove the reason. and that will be the best thing to do. Learning how to stop your dog from barking may take time and attention. Often careful observation can quickly pinpoint the cause of the noise and then you can take steps to correct the problem. Sometimes the right tool can help you get some peace and quiet quickly and with a minimum of fuss.



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