4 Great Themes for Your Dog’s Birthday Party

Your dog's birthday party

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4 Great Themes for Your Dog’s Birthday Party

So, you want to have a birthday party for your dog that you have loved since the day you adopted them. You care for them when they are sick, you play with them and give them plenty of good food and fresh water, and you fill their stockings with goodies during the holidays. You hire the best Pet Sitter In Town when you travel, so you don’t have to put your baby in a boarding Kennel

So when another year rolls around and your precious fur babies are having a birthday, it’s only natural that you want to throw them a party. Like parties for two-legged kids, dog birthday parties are extra fun when they center around a theme. For example, check out these four paws-itively—sorry, we couldn’t resist—fun ideas:

Pooch pool party

Many dogs adore swimming—after all, they don’t call it dog paddling for nothing. Celebrate your four-legged friend’s special day by hosting a pool party for him and some of his closest doggy friends. To make sure that everyone stays safe while swimming, take the time to put the proper precautions in place. For example, you may require each guest’s two-legged chaperone to swim alongside them, and, if necessary, have less confident dogs wear K9 life jackets. Since some dogs are better at jumping in the pool than getting back out, invest in a Skamper Ramp from a company like PoolProducts.com; the skid-free and easy to use ramp helps less-certain dogs get out of the pool quickly and easily. Also consider buying a variety of water-safe toys like Wubbas in all sizes and plenty of tennis balls and then send each guest home with a new toy or two.

Princess party

If your adorable pup is the princess of your family, consider honoring Her Royal Highness with a princess-themed party. In addition to Disney princess-themed décor, which you can find at any local party store, you can purchase small sized tiaras and crowns for each guest. Also, order a wide variety of Color Paw Nail Polish from PetEdge in different colors and have a mani/pedi session where your two-legged guests can pamper the partying dogs. For treats, order a princess cake from a local dog bakery or Google dog-safe cake ideas and bake your own.

Pirate party

Another fun canine party theme centers around pirates. Call it a “Pawrite Parrrrty” and invite the scurvy four-legged mates from the neighborhood to come over for pirate pizza and pop for the people, and plenty of homemade peanut butter dog treats for your furry guests. Just follow the recipe on The Cookie Rookie and cut them into the shapes of skulls and crossbones, pirate flags and ships. Your local party goods store probably stocks plenty of pirate-themed plates and cups; in addition to serving beverages in the cups you can fill the extras with extra peanut butter cookies and a small toy or two and send them home with your guests. 

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Frisbees and fetch party

Many dogs love chasing Frisbees and tennis balls; if this sounds like your special family member, host a fetch party with plenty of balls, Frisbees, and other retrievable toys. If you don’t want to handle slobbery tennis balls for an hour or two, consider purchasing an automatic fetch machine from GoDogGo; this will let you enjoy the company of your human guests while the dogs entertain themselves. Offer plenty of fresh water in several bowls so your pooch guests can stay hydrated and send each one home with a cellophane bag filled with a pawful of Milkbones and a few brand new, slobber-free tennis balls.

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