4 Benefits of Daily Dog Walking that People Never Talk About

4 Benefits of Daily Dog Walking that People Never Talk About

It’s no surprise that there are many benefits of daily dog walking for your dog, but have you ever stopped to consider the benefits that you, as dog mom or dad, could potentially reap from enlisting the services of a daily dog walker? Take a look at these 4 benefits of daily dog walking that people never talk about!

Take back your lunch hour by hiring a daily dog walker.

Many pet parents like you are running home on their lunch hour to let their dog out for a potty break, exercise and in some cases to administer medicine.  That leaves little time for some rest and relaxation for you, your dog’s human counterpart, right? Forget about grabbing a leisurely bite to eat either.  You’re lucky if you make it through the drive-thru at McDonald’s before rushing back to work.  Sound familiar? Research shows that taking your lunch hour to take a brisk walk and tend to proper nutrition is paramount to good health and reducing overall stress.  It also will help you perform better at your job, thereby making you more of an asset to your company.

Bond with friends and increase your social life by hiring a daily dog walker. 

Just like the lunch hour rush, pet parents rush home after work to let their dogs out and feed them dinner.  Dog mom and dad guilt is a real thing, folks.  We get it.  Your dog has been home alone anywhere from eight to twelve hours so of course, you feel compelled to rush home and let him out.  After all, it’s the right thing to do! That is unless your dog’s needs are being met mid-day by the daily dog walker!  Can you imagine finally being able to say yes to happy hour invitations from your co-workers or even dinner or movie invitations from close friends? Developing good relationships with your colleagues after hours can have a direct impact on your working relationship as well as your longevity with the company.  Everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere and it’s hard to feel that way if you’re not connected on some level with your friends and colleagues.

Reduce evening rush by hiring a daily dog walker. 

With the continued increase in double income families, many tasks and errands are now completed in the evenings after work. Whether it’s grocery shopping, taking the kids to dance or sports or stopping off to get an oil change, the fact remains that our evenings are rarely entirely for rest and relaxation.  This can equate to stress on many different levels. When you add dog mom or dad guilt to the mix, you may find yourself rushing home to tend to the dog and then rushing back out to do the errands.  Am I touching a nerve here? It’s very common.  The dog has needs, too! Imagine not having to rush right home after work. You could still accomplish your tasks and get home in time to enjoy your evening with your family and dog and not feel like a complete lunatic by the time you sink into the couch to watch reruns on Hulu at the end of the night.

Reduce doggie destruction by hiring a daily dog walker.

Dogs are social creatures.  If they are left alone too long to fend for themselves, it’s highly likely that some mischief will ensue.  This may be due to boredom or separation anxiety.  The reason doesn’t really matter though, does it? If the dog chews your favorite shoes, rug, window sill or couch, the damage is done.  Throwing money out the window is not why you go to work every day, is it? Plus, in comes the added guilt that YOU left your dog alone too long and then YOU got mad at the said dog for destroying your stuff.  A daily dog walker can help eliminate the likelihood that your dog will destroy your belongings or his for that matter.

See! All your problems can be solved by hiring a daily dog walker, right? Ok, well not ALL of your problems, but hopefully you get the idea that hiring a daily dog walker can help to eliminate some stress in your life.  Isn’t that what we are all after these days? Less stress, more rest, relaxation and bonding with the people we love.  Love and Kisses Pet Sitting can help you by providing daily dog walking services for you ….and your pet, of course.

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