3 Ways to Participate in Canine Therapy

Man’s best friend. We’ve all heard the saying before, but in recent years, the truth behind this statement has become more evident.


Dogs are unconditionally loyal animals. They are truthfully great companions and have greatly adapted into a whole other role of service: therapy.


There are many ways in which dogs can help from a therapy-based standpoint. If you are battling anxiety, depression, physical ailments, or looking for some support, we have compiled a list of ways in which dogs can help you.


Visit a Shelter


Shelter pets are a special kind of loyal. Many of these animals could not find a home or have experienced abandonment on the streets until they eventually came to the shelter.


These animals are just as deserving of attention and are often more willing to give support in return.


If you find yourself down one day, visiting a shelter is an excellent opportunity to boost your mood. Many shelters offer an “adopt for the day” program, which would allow you to take your furry friend to a local park or field to spend some quality time.


Studies show that spending even a few moments a day with a dog can drastically improve your mood, and this is a great way to feel better while giving a shelter pup some much-needed attention.


If you’re in the market to adopt, shelters are excellent places to look! These animals are less expensive than dogs from a breeder and guaranteed to be grateful that they got a second chance.


Adopt Therapy Dogs


Besides being good companions for loneliness, dogs also can become registered therapy animals.


Over the past few years, there has been a gradual shift in society’s acceptance of openly discussing mental health. Along with that discussion has come the discovery that dogs can serve a greater purpose to humans than just being a pet.


If you are someone who suffers from depression or anxiety, an excellent treatment option would be to get a registered therapy animal. No, dogs alone cannot cure these ailments, but they are perfect helpers in learning to cope and manage the symptoms.


Dogs can go through training to work in social settings and learn how to help you in times of need. Again, as loyal animals, they are there to help you in any way they can.



Register a Service Dog


Another type of therapy dog is a service dog. Service dogs can be a great help for those with physical ailments or disabilities. These canines are, again, specially trained to help their owner complete day-to-day tasks that may be more difficult due to their situation.


If this is something you are interested in, there is quite a bit of research you must do, though it is ultimately worth it.


If you already own a dog, there are some requirements you must look into for them to qualify for service training. Another option is to look for dogs that have already gone through training for this lifestyle.


To be able to take your service dog with you in public, you will need to go through some training and fill out the proper paperwork to prove the dog meets all the requirements of the ADA.


Assistance for service dog owners is readily available so that your dog can perform its job to the best of its ability, without having to deal with any outside factors.


The Takeaway


While there are many more traditional means of therapies and other ways to boost your mood, there is something extra meaningful in having a furry partner to help you get through your struggles.


Dogs are incredibly obedient and will always work to help you – no questions asked.




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