3 Pets You Can Keep in Your College Dorm

Studying at a university, moving to a new city, checking into a dorm can cause stress for yesterday’s school student. In addition, a huge amount of written work can also lead to depression. However, college essay writing service WriteMyEssayOnline will always help with academic papers. And stress, in turn, is best relieved by pets: they require attention and give positive emotions, so there is no time left for experiences. But here it is worth choosing the right pet since not all of them can live in a hostel with you. We decided to make it easier for you and made a list of animals which you can take with you to the hostel, describing their advantages and difficulties in caring.

Can you have animals in the dorm?

  • The issue of keeping animals in student or family dormitories is not fully resolved. There is no law that would officially allow or prohibit people living in a dormitory to have pets, each university itself sets the rules. But today, when society is becoming more humane to our four-legged friends, the campus administration is no longer so categorical. A number of universities have a rule according to which a student can obtain permission to keep pets in the hostel. However, these rules may not contradict local legal rules and regulations. What Kind of Animals can be Kept in a Student Dormitory? At home, you can have anyone you want, but in the dorm, when choosing a pet, be guided by considerations of the harmlessness of the animal and consider its size. In a small room, a dog or even a medium-size will be uncomfortable, and a poisonous snake will become a source of danger for all residents of the campus. The most popular types of pets (dogs and cats) are not very suitable for living in a dorm. They need space, their own territory, all this contradicts life in a hostel. In addition, dogs need to be walked several times a day, which is also not always possible at a rapid pace of student life. And even more so, do not bring a dog or cat that used to live in your house.

For animals, relocation and a new place of residence are severe stresses that can cause serious illness.

Who to choose?

1. Rodents

Mice, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs will be great friends, and they don’t need a lot of space. The main duty of the owner of these animals is to clean the cage in time so that an unpleasant odor does not appear in the room. These animals don’t seem to need a company at all. Moreover, it is not advisable to keep same-sex hamsters in the same cage in order to prevent fights. Playing with rodents is quite difficult since they do not understand that you are playing with them. In general, they don’t need your company, so you can safely go to your classes.

2. Reptiles

Turtles and lizards will also be a suitable option. It is better to choose a water turtle because land ones quickly get accustomed to moving around the territory and can easily fall under the feet of an inattentive neighbor. If you opted for a lizard, carefully study the features of the species: many of them are sensitive to temperature and will not tolerate the Spartan conditions of some dorms and excessive cold. A significant plus when choosing lizards as a pet is the absence of wool, fluff, feathers in the room. This means that there is no risk of allergic reactions in you or your roommate. Another plus is their constant presence in the terrarium. After all, this simplifies the maintenance of order in the room, ensures that there is no risk for the pet to receive accidental injuries from getting where it is not necessary. Lizards are calm inhabitants, not disturbing the owners with an unpleasant smell, loud noise, harassment in search of affection or game. Watching these interesting reptiles helps relieve stress, gives pleasure to the owners.

3. Fish

Fish are more than just pets. An obvious plus of the aquarium is the water in it. It actively evaporates, saturating the air of the room. So, if there is an aquarium in your room, then you can be calm about the state of the air. And no need to additionally buy a humidifier. Water from the aquarium gradually and constantly evaporates, thereby making the surrounding air more humid. In addition, a backlit aquarium can be used as a night lamp. It has long been proven that the aquarium has a calming, relaxing effect on humans. For some great info regarding your aquarium would be Aquarium Source  they have a ton information on their website.

To Wrap up

The dorm is not always a friendly place and with a pet, it will be much easier for you there. You can come after a hard day and tell him about your problems, knowing that he certainly will not blame you. We have made a selection of animals for you which will be the easiest to manage in a dorm, so feel free to choose any of them and buy. You will not regret!



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