3 Must-Visit Dog-Friendly Parks in Charlotte

3 Must-Visit Dog-Friendly Parks in Charlotte

3 Must-Visit Dog-Friendly Parks in Charlotte

One of the many things that draw people to Charlotte is the dog-friendly atmosphere.  For families of dogs that enjoy some good old sunshine, exercise, and socialization, the parks in Charlotte are just one of many places they can come to enjoy the dog days of summer and beyond, with or without the dog.

Davie Dog Park at William R. Davie District Park

Location: 4635 Pineville-Matthews Road

William R. Davie District Park boasts 107 acres of fun for the entire family.  From the courts and fields for multiple sports including volleyball, basketball, and softball to walking trails, horseshoe pits and indoor and outdoor shelters, it’s no surprise that this park is a fan favorite.  What makes it even more special is the inclusion of the Davie Dog Park. Davie Dog Park has 5 glorious acres for your dog to roam around off-leash.  It is secured by two separate fenced in areas.  One area is for large dogs weighing greater than 20 pounds and the other area is for smaller dogs, weighing less than 20 pounds.
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Dog Park at Frazier Park

1201 West Fourth Street Ext.

Frazier Park, on the other hand, weighs in at a much smaller 16. 5 acres, but still has a lot to do. It includes a playground, greenway trails, a multi-purpose field as well as courts for basketball and tennis. One thing that really stands out about this park is the community garden.  10 x 15 garden plots are available for rent.  If you’re not far from the area, you can live the city lifestyle and garden, too. Right in Frazier Park is also “Our Children’s Memorial Walkway”. This allows all families a place to come together in memory of “our children” who have passed away, no matter what the reason.  The dog park is 1.3 acres.  Similar to Davie Dog Park, it has two separate sections for small and large dogs alike.  It also has a water supply so no need to bring water from home.

Ray’s Fetching Meadow at McAlpine Creek Park

8711 Monroe Road

McAlpine Creek Park is one cool place.  The developers of this park certainly put 114 acres to good use.  In addition to the normal features expected at a county park, McAlpine Creek also has bike trails, a fishing pier, a 3-acre lake and even an outdoor fitness center.  It doesn’t even stop there, folks.  This park also has a self-service recycling center and a 5K championship cross country course! This place literally has it all!  The dog park is just the icing on the cake.  The Dog Park, Ray’s Fetching Meadow, is one acre of fenced-in, off-leash fun for dogs.  Enjoy some simple, off-leash fun while you take a load off for a while and then leash your dog back up and head back to explore the many adventures of McAlpine Creek Park.

Dog lovers, these parks should keep you and your dog busy for a while, no? Be sure to read and adhere to ALL rules as laid out by Mecklenburg County.  Doing so will not only help to create a  more enjoyable experience for everyone involved but will also encourage Charlotte as a whole to welcome in more experiences for dogs and their owners.

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