2019 Christmas Clothing Gifts for Your Dog

Like us, dogs need protection from the hazards of water, weather, and pavement.  Clothing our dogs shouldn’t just be about dressing them up to look cute―it’s really about protecting them.


We wear shoes to protect our feet from heat, cold, and injury.  We wear sweaters, coats, and rain gear to keep us warm and dry in blustery weather.  We wear life jackets to protect us when we’re boating and enjoying the water.  Our dogs are no different, they need these things too. And, dogs just happen to love getting presents under the tree like the rest of the family.


So, when you’re decking the halls this year be sure to play Saint Nick for your best friend.  But, please, don’t make it just about adorable costumes and treats.  Gift them practical things to wear and let ‘em know how much you really do care.

Here are a few ideas I would like to share:

1.    Jackets, Shirts, Hoodies, and Sweaters

  • Blueberry Pet―Nothing says Christmas like a colorful and warm knit sweater, sweatshirt, hoodie, or scarf.
    • Has a special hole for a leash or harness
    • Matching sweaters for parents and kids
    • Easy wash & dry 100% acrylic fabric
    • Many sizes and many options
  • Zack & Zoey―For a real doggie treat―not the edible kind―take a look at these great coats, sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees.
    • Great selection, great colors, great fit for your stylin’ dog
    • Comfy, cozy, and warm doggie winter clothes
    • Easy to wash, easy to dry, and easy to wear
    • Easy on the budget too
  • Gooby―Be Careful your tiny toy doggie doesn’t get lost with all the Christmas gift wrappings! Check these guys out for your little guys.
    • Another great selection to keep your small dog warm and dry
    • Designed right for no-mess doggie nature calls
    • Struggle-free, no-pinch, no-hurt zippers
    • Warm and comfy dog―happy dog
  • Chilly Dog―Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing ‘chilly’ about these gorgeous, warm winter made in Chile duds for dogs!
    • Sweaters, coats, hoodies, and scarves for every size dog
    • Made in Chile by Inca artisans under fair trade guidelines
    • Made of 100% wool using all-natural dyes
    • No-nonsense, easy fit, warm, and comfy
  • ThunderShirt―The dog gift that keeps on giving. This is the original ThunderShirt recommended by vets, trainers, shelters, and owners.
    • Instant calming effect for most dogs with anxieties
    • Sizes to fit all dogs from XXS to XXL
    • Applies gentle pressure to relax the dog
    • Keeps dogs warm and soothed

2.    Dog Booties

  • UltraPaws―The rugged boot that’ll stay on your dog’s feet.
    • Put ‘em on and your dog won’t walk out of them
    • Protection for your dog’s feet in all conditions
    • Foot protection in snow or on hot pavement
    • Flexible, skip resistant, water-resistant
  • WalkeePaws―Unlike ankle tightening boots, Walkie Paws are secure leggings designed to comfortably protect your best friend.
    • Feet stay warm in winter, cool in summer
    • Secures comfortably around the back
    • Won’t restrict blood flow to the feet
    • Easy to use and waterproof
  • MuttLuks―Noted for their humble beginnings in 1994, this Canadian company is renowned for making dogs’ lives better and safer.
    • Protects dog’s feet from cold, hot, and injuring surfaces
    • Flexible, comfortable, and adapts to movement
    • Made of durable materials for long-lasting wear
    • Water-resistant and secure fitting
  • HiPaw―Different choices for different seasons sets HiPaw apart from other dog boots.
    • Winter-Spring boots―lined for warmth, comfort, and protection
    • Summer-Fall boots―designed for protection and cool comfort
    • Water-resistant, secure fitting and reflective for night walks
    • Anti-slip and easy wear for all dog sizes

3.    Flotation Vests

  • Outward Hound―A great gift for your adventure-loving water dog. This dog flotation vest is truly a water dog’s best friend.
    • Fits comfortably and securely around the dog’s chest
    • Brightly colored for high visibility
    • Keeps the dog’s nose above water
    • Safety grab-rescue handle

The Wrapping


Every dog parent knows that dogs love Christmas just like any other kids.  It’s true! Dogs love to sniff and sort through all the brightly wrapped presents, but we can only imagine what happy thoughts they have.


Unlike kids, we can’t give our dogs bikes, stereos, and the like.  But, like kids, we can give them clothes to keep them warm, protected and looking good.  I sincerely hope this doggie gift list has helped all of you.  And, from all of us at Love and Kisses Pet Sitting please have a safe and Merry Christmas!



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