17 Savings Secrets For Pet Care

Sometimes love and affection is not enough to take care of your loving pet. You need to spend money! But, it doesn’t have to be like this all the time. You can save a lot on pet care just by following some simple tricks.


Today we are counting down 17 tips that will help you get better at pet caring within budget. So, without further ado, let the saving grace begin.

1. Groom Them Yourself

Forget about expensive pet parlors. They charge huge amount of money for a simple task. So, take the grooming task in your hand and buy some grooming kits. It will also work as an opportunity for you and your pet to bond.

2. Buy Bulk Food to Save More

This is a very effective way to save money on food. There are a lot of brands that offer a cheap meal for pets in bulk amount. So, check if your pet like the food and then buy in bulk amount.

3. Make Homemade Treats & Get Creative

In this era of YouTube, nothing is hard to make – especially food items. So, rather than buying expensive treats you can make them at home. Store them after making and you can save a handsome amount on treats.

4. Stuffed Toys are Easy to Make

Yup! Stuffed toys help your pet to relax and entertain themselves. But,

these can be expensive and they get torn apart by the pet every now and then. So, make stuff toys yourself at home. It doesn’t have to look perfect as long as your pet can have fun with it.

5. Follow Routine Feeding and Exercise

The last thing that you want is more visit to the vet. Vet visits aren’t cheap! So, you should follow a strict schedule on when and how to feed your pet. Plus, you should also allow them to have routine exercise to stay fit. Staying fit means fewer trips to the vet house.

6. Make Homemade Grooming Supplies

You can opt for homemade grooming supplies for your pet. These are not very hard to make and you can use your preferred ingredients. You can make homemade shampoo, moisturizer, and cleaner for your pet. This is a quick and easy way of saving on grooming groceries.

7. Make Friends With Other Pet Owners

This is a great way of saving on your pet sitting. Make friends with people who have similar kind of pet. You can share food after buying bulk amount. Plus, you can look after each other’s pet if needed. This will help you save on pet houses and pet sitting.

8. Get Your Pet Neutered In Time

This is essential if you don’t want more additions to your house. You should neuter your pet in time to avoid it getting pregnant. It keeps them in better health and you don’t have to worry about more offsprings.

9. Be Your Own Vet and Get a First Aid Kit

Sometimes we need to rush to the vet’s chamber even for small incidents. But, you can take care of these small bruises and cuts by yourself. Get a first aid kit for your pet and learn some basic caring methods. You can save a lot of money by opting for DIY treatments.

10. Buy Garage Sale Cage and Beds

You don’t need shiny new bed and cages for your pet. They don’t care about it. All they care about is space and comfort. So, don’t spend too much on shiny stuff and fancy bed. Get a bed or cage that is comfortable and spacious. You can save big bucks by doing so.

11. Vaccination Is Easy To Do

You don’t have to go to the vet shop everytime your pet needs a vaccine. It is easy to do and all you need is a syringe and the vaccine. You can check out YouTube instruction on how to perform a vaccination. Try some demo runs on a test dummy and you will get the hang of it. It’s a shortcut way of saving a lot of money and hassle.

12. Buy Pet Medicine From The Pet Community

There is a lot of pet community which buys pet medicine in bulk amount.

They have access to cheaper sources like a different country or the company. You can buy medicine for your pet from those communities. It’s a sly way to save some quick bucks.

13. Make DIY Pet Clothes & Create a Fashion Frenzy

We like to keep our good boy up to date with fashion as well. But, we have to look at our tight budget as well. So, a fun way to balance both worlds is to make the clothes yourself. It might get some time before you perfect the art. But, once you get there, it is worth it!

14. Routinely Bath, Brush, Clip and Trim Your Pet

If you want to see your pet fit and healthy then this is a must. You need to bathe your pet every now and then to keep off the fleas and the dirt. Brush their fur and clean their teeth to strengthen them. And trim the nail to stop hurting each other.

15. Make DIY Litter Boxes

You heard me! You just need some good quality sand, a hardboard, and some freshness pebbles to make a good litter box. It is very easy to make at home and will last for months. So, you should skip buying these at the pet shop. Or, you can potty train your pet to avoid all these troubles in the first place.

16. Routinely Maintain a Pill Calendar

There are some pills that you should keep track of. Such as the ones for fleas, worms, and parasites. Shipping them can mean expensive trips to the vet house. So, make a pill calendar that shows you when you should feed the pills.

17. Get Digitized With Your Saving Techniques

The internet is a huge source that you can use. It allows you to properly take care of your pet. It has tons of information and communities. Plus, there are pet specific apps that allow you to easily keep track of everything. You can also get special offers from these apps that help you to save money.

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With a bit of effort, you can easily save on the pet expenses. Your love is the fanciest thing that your pet needs. So, skip the other fancy stuff and save money. Owning a pet shouldn’t break your bank!


We hope that this article was helpful to you and now you’ll be able to save some bucks. Leave a comment if you have more interesting tips on saving. Until then, have a good day.


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