10 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean With Pets

We all love our pets, but we also love a clean home and sometimes those two things don’t sit so well side by side. However, the good news is that, while it may take a little work, with good planning you can keep your pet and your home clean and sweet-smelling!


First Things First, Keep Your Pet Clean


Some pets like cats and rabbits will regularly groom themselves. However, those pups – not so much. It’s important that you bathe your dog regularly if you want to keep your home clean and fresh. Some dogs will need to be trimmed and washed very regularly, others less so; it does come down to the breed and hair length. However, as a general guide, it’s a good idea to bathe your dog at least every couple of months and naturally more than that if they have an accident or roll in something less than desirable.


Regular Grooming is Key


For cats, dogs, and rabbits you should also get into a routine of daily grooming, even if their fur is short. Even smooth-haired pets will shed and the more hair you can capture when you groom, the less will end up on your floor, furniture and favorite skirt. Grooming is also healthy for your pet’s coat and a great way for the two of you to bond.


Choose Furniture and Flooring Wisely


It’s not always possible to replace flooring and furniture but if you are making any new investments look for materials that will make life easier with a pet. For example, hardwood flooring or tiles are a lot easier to keep clean than carpet. You can wipe up spills or puppy accidents easily and you can do a deeper clean more regularly. You can always hire a cleaning service too.


The same is true for sofas and other soft furnishings. Materials such as leather can be wiped down easier than fabric. It can also be a good idea, and low cost, to invest in some throws or sofa covers to protect your sofa material for longer.


Get a Good Vacuum Cleaner


It’s worth investing in a good vacuum cleaner if you have a pet, as you will be using it regularly. There are many pet-specific vacuum cleaners on the market. These can lift more hair and include built-in filters that cut down on dander and odors. Shop around online for the best deal or wait for the next sale to pick up a bargain.

Get Pet-Safe/ Eco-Friendly Cleaning Materials


Life with a pet means you will need to stock up on a good supply of cleaning materials, but always make sure these are pet-safe so there will not be any safety issues for your dogs, cats or other pets.  As an animal lover, you will also want to play your part in protecting the environment so ensure the products and materials you buy are eco-friendly.


Clean Stains Quickly


If your dog or cat has an accident or knocks something over, it’s best to get to work on the stain quickly. if you want to minimize long term damage. There are many natural ways to lift stains from different types of fabric and surfaces, so do a little research ahead of time so that in most instances you are ready and have what you need to hand.


Invest in a Pet Placemat


One quick way to keep your floors clean is to put a placemat under your pet’s food and water bowls. Some pets are not the tidiest diners and this way you can just wipe the mat clean after every meal.


Set up a Dog Cleaning Area


If you and your dog enjoy lots of muddy walks it can be helpful to set up a dog cleaning area just inside your home, so your pup can get wiped down before they make it any further into the house. A room with a sink can be ideal for this, but even a bowl of water and some towels can make a difference.


Regularly Clean & Sanitize Your Pet’s Belongings


Depending on the type of pet you have it’s important to do a weekly deep clean. Your pet’s bed and toys should be cleaned and sanitized. Hopefully, you will have chosen machine washable materials and this will make the process much quicker. Rubber and nylon toys can even be run through the dishwasher – just don’t use any detergent.


Get Plenty of Fresh Air


Finally, an easy way to keep your house smelling as fresh as possible is to air it regularly. Depending on the weather, open windows as often as possible to get a flow of air through the house.



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