10 Things To Buy For Your New Puppy

10 Things To Buy For Your New Puppy

10 Things To Buy For Your New Puppy

Did You Get A New Puppy?  Consider Buying The Following Things For Your New Puppy
Pets are normally valued by many people. This is the reason why most people keep pets in their homes. These pets normally provide companionship to their owners. There are several pets that you likely to come across in many homes. These include cats, dogs, rabbits and so forth. It is important that you take care of your pet all the time. When families acquire pets and bring them into their homes, they are committing to providing them with good love and care. An essential part of this is giving your pet a healthy and nutritious diet. It is also important that you ensure that your pet is well sheltered. If you have bought a new puppy, there are a number of things that you should buy for it. The following are the top 10 things that you should buy for your new puppy:

collar and leash

You will realize that a comfortable leash and collar are essential for walking, training, and identification of your pet. Since your pet will grow over time, you should consider getting an adjustable collar that attaches quickly and easily to a sturdy leash. It is advisable that you get nylon collars. You will realize that these collars are normally lighter and less cumbersome than most other options. As for the leash, it is available that you buy a shorter one that will keep your pet close during obedience training.  Click here to see what we recommend. If you are looking for a leash with an umbrella attached to it we found that for you too.

Crates and cages

These normally help with house training and behavior issues. Most trainers normally recommend buying certain types of crates for new puppies. You will realize that dogs normally have a natural denning instinct that makes them feel safer and more comfortable in enclosed quarters. A nice cage can be used to establish healthy sleeping patterns. However, the choice of a cage, crate or pen depends on you. You will realize that these crates are easy to move around. Click here to see what we recommend

Food and water bowls

Your pet needs to feed from time to time. You should ensure that it feeds properly. In addition, you should ensure that it is well hydrated. It is important that you buy quality food and water bowls. Since you want your puppy to develop a habit of eating from the same place, it is always advisable that you keep food and water bowls in the same location in your home. The choice of material of these bowls depends on you. It is advisable that you get stainless dishes for your new puppy. Click here to see what we recommend

Dog Bed

Your new puppy needs to rest after playing all day. Since puppies are used to sleeping in a warm environment, you should ensure that you get a comfortable dog bed for your puppy. You can place this dog bed inside the crate. You will realize that a snug dog bed can help to recreate their natural habitat. In addition, you can get comfortable pillows for your new puppy. Click here to see what we recommend


Puppies like feeding multiple times a day, with occasional high-value treat like the cookies from Wüfers. normally have unique dietary demands and nutritional needs. This is the reason why you should ensure that you buy food for your new puppy. It will help it to grow up healthy and strong. It advisable that you buy food products that re-labeled formulated for puppies or for growth and development’.


Puppies normally like playing. This is the reason why you should buy a toy for your new puppy. These toys will keep your puppies stimulated and happy. It is advisable that you buy nice toys for your new puppy. Click Here for this bundle we recommend

ID Tag

Your new puppy can get lost at one time or another. This can frustrate you. This is the reason why you should buy an ID tag for your new puppy. Once you buy this tag, you should attach it to your puppy’s collar. It should have at least two phone numbers listed in case your new puppy wanders away from home. You can also list your dog’s name and your address. This can help you a great deal. Click here for one we recommend

Dog Shampoo

Young puppies are prime targets for fleas. These fleas can make your puppy have itchy skin. These fleas can even cause allergies for your puppy. This can be detrimental. This is the reason why do shampoo is important for your puppy. The shampoo needs to be natural or organic. You should buy flea shampoo for your new puppy in order to mitigate this problem. However, flea treatments are dependent on the weight of your dog and should be used carefully. If you do not know how to use them, you can consult a vet for professional advice. Click here for one we recommend

Dog waste supplies

Your new puppy is likely to poop after taking its meals. You can potty train your puppy from time to time. However, young puppies may not be able to safely go outside. They require being trained to do their business exactly where you bring them to. This is the reason why you should buy all-absorb training pads for your new puppy. In addition, you can buy a holder that helps in keeping them in place and makes clean up easier. However, with time, you should potty train your new puppy after several months. Is will help in ensuring that its crate remains clean all the time.

Grooming tools.

If your new puppy has long hair, you should consider investing in a pet brush, dog comb, and nail clippers. You should groom your new puppy from time to time. You can even hire a professional groomer to do this for you. However, this can be more expensive. Grooming your new puppy will help in ensuring that its hair is well maintained and neat. Click here for the ones we recommend.  You may also need a dog nail grinder. Click here to learn more

Doodles are very popular at this time. “For more information about dogs, visit We Love Doodles.”

Those are the things that you should get for your new puppy. You have a responsibility for your new puppy. Consider giving it a treat after learning new tricks. If your new puppy is ill, you should call a vet so that he or she can check it out. Buy the above-mentioned things for your puppy and you will enjoy the results.  Here is a great new puppy checklist

If you work long hours think about hiring a professional pet sitter to stop by and take your puppy out for potty breaks.  A puppy can not hold it for more than 4 hours so it will need to get a potty break. Call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting if you are in the Union County Area 704-763-9857

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