10 Most Common Injuries Among Cats

10 Most Common Injuries Among Cats

10 Most Common Injuries Among Cats

Cats make great pets for so many reasons. They are affectionate, playful and loyal, all while being fairly low maintenance and easy to nurture. Just as cats enjoy their own quiet space, so, too, do they rarely like to bother others. Unfortunately, this can mean they have a tendency to stay quiet when they are sick or injured.

Consequently, as your cat’s carer, it is important to be vigilant when looking out for signs of injury or illness. Fortunately, James Wellbeloved has published the 10 most common cat injuries and likely associated symptoms to help you be extra attentive.

1.    Animal Bites

Whether you live in an urban area or the countryside, the more your cat explores, the more likely they will have a run-in with other animals.

Generally, bites are obvious on cats. You may notice blood or a nasty wound. However, some bite marks are less noticeable, such as those from another cat. This is because wounds from fine teeth close up more quickly. Thus, while a wound might not be large enough to bleed, it can still be sufficient for bacteria to enter. Watch your cat’s behavior for any unusual movement and signs of discomfort, and regularly check his or her skin for abscesses.

2.    Broken Nails

An awkward or high fall might break a nail while catching one on a carpet or branch can cause a nasty tear. Broken nails frequently repair on their own. However, if your cat’s nail doesn’t stop bleeding after a couple of hours or the break looks particularly nasty, your vet might consider removing it.

3.    Eye Injury

If your cat has a bloodshot eye or is “winking” frequently, they may have scratched their eye, possibly while exploring through a bush or tree. It is a good idea to get this looked at by your vet as any bacteria in the eye can lead to more serious issues, including cataracts, conjunctivitis, and retinal disease.

4.    Heat Stroke

Like dogs, cats don’t have any effective way of regulating their body temperature. Your cat may be suffering from heat stroke if 10 Most Common Injuries Among Catshe or she is breathing quickly, their mouth and tongue are redder than usual, and they are unsteady. They may even vomit if it gets too much. Overweight cats, those with a lot of fur, and kittens are especially at risk.

Make sure your cat has constant access to fresh water and, if the heat is too much, bring them to a cool space and sprinkle some cold water on them.

5.    Insect Stings

As well as frequently checking your cat for broken nails and animal bites, also keep a lookout for insect stings. All that rummaging around in bushes often results in stings which, like cat bites, can become infected or, at the very least, are uncomfortable.

6.    Kidney Failure

If your cat is drinking more water, urinating more frequently, and is showing signs of weight or appetite loss, they may be suffering from kidney failure. It can affect cats of all ages and, while it can be caused by an injury, it can also be genetic, age-related, something your cat ate, or something else altogether. Acute kidney failure is normally treatable with fluid treatment and a special diet. Unfortunately, chronic disease is harder to diagnose and cure.

7.    Ligament Injury and Broken Bones

Like a broken nail, all that running and jumping can sometimes leave your cat with a broken bone or inflamed ligament. If your cat is showing signs of awkward movement, is lying down in an unusual position, or is reluctant to rest in hard-to-reach places which they normally enjoy, they might be hurting.

8.    Lodged Foreign Objects

Whether your cat is struggling to breathe or not, if you suspect your cat has swallowed something they are not supposed to, you should see the vet immediately. A swallowed object could cause internal damage and may require induced vomiting or surgery to remove it.

9.    Poisoning

Like most animals, cats are attracted to nice smelling plants and substances. Unfortunately, many of these are poisonous and can cause vomiting, weight loss, lethargy, and even death. If your cat is an outdoor cat, you won’t be able to control everything your cat consumes. However, you can reduce the risk by keeping household chemicals in spaces your cat cannot reach, and ensuring all the plants in your house and garden are not toxic to cats.

10 Most Common Injuries Among Cats10. Tooth Disease

Your cat has an 85% chance of developing the periodontal disease at some point in its lifetime and is typically caused by a build-up of plaque or from a fractured tooth. Ask your vet about regularly cleaning your cat’s teeth, ensure all bones are removed from their food and restrict their play too soft toys.


While the risk of these injuries is greatly reduced for indoor cats, it is impossible to protect your cat from them completely. Instead, make it a habit to watch your cat’s behavior (no-one knows what is abnormal for your cat better than you) and to check your cat for signs of wounds and disease. Finally, never be afraid to get in touch with your vet if you suspect something is wrong. After all, that is why they are there.






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